The GREEN DOT COMMUNICATION is a marketing solution, Brand Management & Communication Company that is driven by the kind of thinking that you would appreciate. To start with, it is appointed by a client to plan, create, produce and place advertisements in all the traditional media.
It then goes beyond those conventional first steps and seeks to integrate all its clients’ marketing activities in one cohesive effort, to become its partners in a grogram of total communication.


Our Service:
*Creative Development *Event Management *Copywriting *Broadcast: Radio, TV, Video
*Print: Magazine, Newspaper *Outdoor & Out-of-home : Billboard, transit*Movie Theater Advertising
*Online Ad Campaigns*Direct Mail & Response*Multimedia display

Our Clients- BAIZED STEEL, TVS MOTORS, Reliance Insurance LTD, Universal food ltd , The Dhaka mercantile Co-operative Bank LTD, Bangladesh medical college, Tanin, REHAB, Modern herbal Group etc.

anti noise

Anti Noise Bangladesh
Noise is a serious health hazard. Noise is linked to hearing loss, sleep deprivation, aggressive behavior, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, heart disease and declining school performance.Anti NOISE Bangladesh is an organization to build up awareness among the people against sound noise. Every year Anti noise Bangladesh celebrate International Anti Noise Day on 24th April in Bangladesh.